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Jan 09 2013

Killzone Intercept – Live Action Fan Film

As promised, here is that amazing fan made movie -  . As I have said before, I really enjoy watching game based films, whether they are 15 minutes, or three hours. The latest Halo 4 craze led to the first Microsoft produced series “: Forward Unto Dawn”. I felt that series was  a little short, …

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Oct 04 2012

Halo4 SoundTrack Remix Contest – It’s All You!

Was recently jamming some tracks over at SoundCloud, and noticed a little blurb on the site. It seems there is a contest to remix the new Halo4 soundtrack tunes from the original Neil Davidge original tracks. Sounds interesting. UPDATE: HALO4 ROCKS!

Jun 19 2012

XboxLive – 4294967295 Points Needed! Heh?


So I’m sitting there watching TV a couple months ago, and my son comes running in. “Dad, take a look at this”. I go and look and he explains that he was trying to purchase a Call of Duty map or theme or something of that nature, but didn’t have enough MS points. This was …

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Mar 29 2012

You Can’t Pause On-Line Gaming – Can You?


This picture says it all. When Xbox time is over, it’s over. It’s now time to do our homework. It’s now time to do your chores. It’s now time to EAT for god’s sake. But a 12 year old doesn’t see it that way. And you know what? I understand why. I sometimes play Xbox …

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Feb 04 2012

Free Movies For All – With Crackle

I just noticed that Crackle has been released on Xbox Live. I first saw this in the App store and downloaded it to my iPad2. The site provides full featured movies with a couple of short commercials. Can’t beat that. So for a quick entertainment fix to pass some time, you can pull up the …

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