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Jul 01 2013

A Vine Compilation – Hilarious

For some crazy reason, I have not ever heard of Vine until sometime last week. Here is a hilarious compilation. You will laugh, you will cry, you will probably crap your pants in hysterical laughter. YouTube responded to TubePress with an HTTP 404 – Video not found

Mar 05 2013

Pro Flowers Spam – Please Stop


I ordered some flowers for my girlfriend from Pro Flowers on Valentines Day. Never again. They are a SPAM factory! The order was easy, and the product was excellent, and the delivery was fast via FedEx. Then why never again you ask? Besides the SPAM?  Because they send you 10 million status updates to start. …

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Nov 01 2012

Organize Firefox Status Bar Plugin – Working


I finally made the transition from Firefox 12 to Firefox 16. I usually always update but after the last couple updates, my extensions that I use the most would not install. There used to be a plug-in called Add-On Compatibility Reporter, which allowed you to install incompatible plug-ins, but now even that plug-in does not …

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Apr 15 2012

Suck It Mr. Gas Man


Gas prices are rising, rising up, up and away. This is absolutely ridicules. I cannot believe that about 12 years ago, gas was 99 cents a gallon. 12 yeas ago. Man that’s not that long ago, and here we are in 2012, and gas is so expensive, along with smokes, a trip to the local …

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Dec 22 2011

Emails From an A**hole


There is a website I recently came across that is just totally hilarious. This dude (I think he is local to me from the names and locations) replies to real ads usually on Craigslist, and just tears it up with bullshit replies enough to make you wet yourself from laughter. The site Dontevenreply.com has been …

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