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Oct 29 2012

Hurricane Sandy – Please Leave The Power On!

We are currently sitting here just waiting for the power to go out. It already flickered a few times, which I had to of course go and reboot all my Linux servers and crap to sync up. Whatta pain in the ass. A hurricane named after my girlfriend. Go figure. Looks damn ass scarey! Stay …

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Nov 28 2011

The Pirate Bay is IRATE!


Nov 12 2011

How’s It Feel?


Aug 19 2011

Summer’s Almost Done. Ouch My Ass Hurts!!!


So the summer is almost over… I can’t wait. I really am starting to hate summer, with all the heat, humidity and the large electric bill that takes 4 years to pay off. Well one thing is for certain. My ass hurts. Well my tailbone which was dislocated is the true cause – not my …

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Nov 17 2010

Facebook Sucks… And then some!


Well I closed my Facebook account about 2 weeks ago. I’m not gonna say why cause I don’t know who reads my blog as I have posted it more than once on Facebook, but let’s just say that Facebook SUCKS. It is such a waste of time. Firends? Is that what you call them? It’s …

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