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Sep 15 2013


RK on Death

I’ve come to realize that “death” is immanent. There is no way out. You cannot cheat death. You cannot avoid death. Eventually one will meet death. I’ve noticed that the older I get, I start to realize how much time I might have left. Sort of like a countdown. You realize at a certain point …

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Mar 03 2013

The Raven that Refused to Sing

Watching this video, I must say, I immediately searched for more Steven Wilson music – and found some. Yay, a Pandora station has been found! I could listen this stuff for days straight. Here is a video that promos the new album, . An old man who loses someone close to him, starts to give …

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Jul 01 2011

A Good Dream That Could Be A Movie, I Think…


So this morning I wake up like I just watched a movie, only I was in it. this was really freaky – I mean really freaky, and it was not even finished yet. The dream was a supernatural time traveling crazy dream. I’m going to tell you in short form, as I don’t want to …

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