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Aug 20 2012

SoundCloud – Come And Get It


Recently had a SoundCloud listening party with myself at 4am (I was up early – not partying all night :)) and came across this cool tune from Fat Cat Records. Aptly named “U.S. Girls – Jack” I’m not sure what the Jack means in the title, but as soon as  saw the title, I immediately …

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Jul 29 2012

26 Video Live Projection Mapping Mashup

This has got to be the most coolest, most ‘awesomest’, most ‘bad-assed’ video I have seen in a long time. Created with 2 projectors, 3 laptops, Ableton Live, Max for Live, Resolume Arena and MadMapper. Check it out!

May 31 2012

Dubstep – Whoa!

I recently started to listen to Dubstep. I have to to tell ya… It’s pretty serious shit. I think the first song I heard was Korn – Get Up, remixed by Skrillex. That dude looks like that Cory fella! I went and searched for some videos and here is what I came up with.

Feb 05 2012

Bootlegs = Mashups!!!

Back in the day when mashups used to be called bootlegs, I frequently visited a site called mashuptown. I used to visit every month or so, and just download the shit out of all the remixes, which were posted by Dj’s from all over the world. Now we talking at least 10 years ago when …

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