05 March 2013

Pro Flowers Spam – Please Stop

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proflowersspamI ordered some flowers for my girlfriend from Pro Flowers on Valentines Day. Never again. They are a SPAM factory!

The order was easy, and the product was excellent, and the delivery was fast via FedEx. Then why never again you ask? Besides the SPAM?  Because they send you 10 million status updates to start. Your order has been received. Your order is being processed. Your credit card card has been charged for your order. Your order is now being created. Your order is being boxed. Your order is being processed for shipping. Your order is being placed on truck.Your order is now leaving … blah blah blah. Just send the goddamn flowers already.

But the emails do not end there. They now have your email address. And man was that a mistake. I am getting constant emails from them and everyone they sold my address to, every single day. You try to opt-out and you get more.

So I took to Google and try to see what others were saying. I ran into this page and they seem to be pissing off a lot of people. These folks went as far as o research for admin email accounts, and have all their spam redirected right back to them. Good job. I actually began putting the domains into my Spam Assassin blacklist at my ISP.

Check out the complaint board on that one, and if you are one of the many spam recipients of this company, here is their info!! Spam them back!

Bill Strauss- Chief Executive Officer
Steven Bellach – Chief Marketing Officer
Tracy Benelli – Vice President, Corporate Communications

Also [email protected] appears to be an active email address as well as:

Jonathan Sills
[email protected]