Jan 18 2012

Update: RCN Out – FIOS In

Update on the RCN Install. I got installed with RCN on December 30th. To my surprise instead of the two Tivo Premier boxes, they loaded me up with the Tivo Q System. That is one multi-room dvr where all the recordings reside, and a Tivo Preview box which have access to main dvr recorded content. The Preview box has no dvr, no hard drive, etc. Its just a receiver. This was a real problem for me, because I could not watch web content, schedule recordings, or pause live TV with the Preview box. If I wanted to schedule something on the fly, I had to either go to the main TV in the living room, or break out the Ipad2 app and do it from there. Also, if a cool commercial (boobs) came on I could not pause live TV.

After the tech had gone, the Preview box VOD wouldn’t work. I would call up a movie, free or premium, and the picture would freeze literally .5 seconds into the showing. After 14 days, 4 calls to RCN, I was able to finally get the tech out to tell me that the box was “not in two-way mode”, and they had to fix that from the office. I made him change out the box just in case, and by the time he did that, I had my VOD back. Neat trick.

I’ll have to say – my first call to RCN tech support was a real joke. After a 50 minute wait on hold, a woman answers the phone and is very nice, however my 12 year old son would have asked better troubleshooting questions. She was obviously frantically searching through an online help system, and asking me the stupidest questions imaginable. Probably just keep the silence to a minimum while she tried to find the right questions to ask. Asking me if I had my computer firewall off, while trying to watch a VOD movie has got to be the best of all stupid ass questions I have ever been asked by tech support. I couldn’t help but Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 30 2011

It’s Official: Comcast Out – RCN In

So I am getting rid of Comcast today. I have had them for almost 12 years, including my “business” email address. I have watched my bill go from about $50 all the way up to $250. As of now, I am on Comcast’s 60\12 Mbps internet service with all the movie channels except TMC, two DVR’s, and no phone. I have had to call them almost every 8 months, to keep the bill from going up since everything I was on was a “promotion”.

I noticed that all their commercials you see, they always give prices that are only effective for a certain amount of time. So after your promotion times out, your bill basically triples. Then you have to call and try to work something out. With all this “stuff” I still sit down at night, and with 80000 channels there never seams to be anything on that I am interested in. I look for programs to dvr, nothing. So why pay for it. I know Comcast doesn’t program the movie channel lineups, but still… I had HBO just for Entourage, but that went off the air. So seeya HBO.

As I sit here and wait for the “cable guy” I am changing all my sites that utilize my comcast.net email address. I have to change letterheads, faxes, logins, etc. What a pia. But luckily I use  Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 26 2011

Van Halen Going On Tour!! Huh?

Not sure who made this video as it’s just a loop and three songs, but I’m just happy to see VH going on tour. That should brighten a few lives. I wander how long it will be before the arguing gets too much and they call it quits. Hopefully they come to Philly at the “beginning” of the tour rather than the end. See you there…

Dec 22 2011

Emails From an A**hole

There is a website I recently came across that is just totally hilarious. This dude (I think he is local to me from the names and locations) replies to real ads usually on Craigslist, and just tears it up with bullshit replies enough to make you wet yourself from laughter. The site Dontevenreply.com has been around for some time now, but the writer let’s you know, he only posts every so often when an ad comes around that he can devour. On this site you find people selling automobiles, requesting catering, which he provides a fine menu of devil dogs and oodles of noodles, and even someone selling a litter of kittens, which he replies “To be honest, I own a pet Bengal Tiger and he is on a strict diet of cats”.

Here is one of his postings that just cracked me up.


Read the rest of this entry »

Dec 22 2011

Funny Forgetful Christmas Story

I promised my lovely girlfriend that I would write a little blurb about her latest ordeal concerning her oh so forgetful memory. I’m going to be as nice as I can as to not hurt her feelings, but this surely is one of her famous ones.

For the last 10 or so days, she has been frantically looking for a package that she says was delivered to her via UPS. The package contained more than one Christmas present (I think for me) and was delivered. She remembers picking it up, opening the box but does not remember where she “hid” it. Now she lives in a two bedroom apartment, so it’s not like she had a lot of places to “hide” it.
As we are texting back and forth, I am trying to think of some places she might have put it. Under the bed, in the trunk, but she keeps saying that she looked there. As the cold silence of thinking about where the hell this package is settles in, she texts back that the latest box that was delivered had one of the items in it that she thought she lost. That get’s me thinking.

Recently she quit smoking and used Read the rest of this entry »

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