Jul 08 2012

A Conversation With His 12 Year Old Self

Jul 06 2012

Dubstep Dispute – A Robot’s View

Jun 29 2012

YouTube Favs Of The Week – Linkin Park Style

Linkin Park has become one of my favorite bands to listen to when I get myself all worked up. I especially enjoy the live stuff such as Live in Texas, and of course my all time favorite Hybrid Theory. Then I’ll be in a remix kind of mood and throw on Reanimation!
Thought Id throw up some Linkin Park vids these week for all you LPU peeps!

Update: All the LP videos were removed from YouTube. Oh well…

Jun 27 2012

Guest Speaker Time

It’ time to invite a guest speaker to the blog. I had quite a conversation today with my girlfriend about stupid people. We both agreed that there are stupid people in all businesses, but especially ours. IT.

So many people out there work in IT (Information Services) and don’t have a clue what they are doing. They just do things because they read it in some half ass’ed forum, or they are Google kiddies who’s whole career depend on search engines. Heaven forbid the Internet goes down, and they need to fix it.

She said “why don’t you post something on your blog about this topic”. I said “why don’t you” !!!

I thought I would post this just to give her that extra kick to write me something, so stay tuned!! Homework time baby. If you get an A, you get a special treat! ;)

Jun 25 2012

My Presidential Selection!

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