15 March 2012


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Update: Came in on this bright and cheery Monday morning to find this lovely and well written note waiting in my e-mail box:

“Yeah we looked at your site and there’s no Comments button under the Tweet one. So next time you need support take a fucking screenshot.

And we also read on your blog the issues you are having with Mantra. It’s not our fucking theme’s fault. There are thousands upon thousands of motherfucking plugins out there and we cannot and WILL NOT EVER check them all out and make our theme compatible with them just so you won’t bitch about it on your blog.

So if you want us to hurry again or have any other problems with the theme or hey – maybe just for the fuck of it – please don’t hesitate to try another theme ;)This message has not been edited at all ;)”

Wow, I think I pissed off the Mantra guy. I guess the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

3/15/12 – You know what pisses me off. When you work your ass on a site, download all the top rated plugins, top rated themes, setup an awesome CDN network along with a cool ass comment system and worldwide DNS system. Then your fucking theme breaks.

I am using the Mantra theme, and they recently made some really cool changes, however it kind of hosed me. It reminds me of the my Firefox theme FXChrome. I use that theme because it is simple. Then FXChrome started screwing around with it, adding big ass icons to the toolbar, blah, blah, blah. So every time Firefox did an update, which seems like every week now, the damn theme would update to the latest version, and I would have to remove it, and add back the older version that actually WORKED. Just leave it alone. It is not broke. Don’t fix it. But hey Cryout, I know you are only building on an awesome theme, I just need it to work. I know, I know, I could pay for one, but why when this is free? I would pay for this one, if it was at 100%.

I emailed the Mantra guys (Cryout Creations) for some support on this issue, and I get an auto reply: “Chris,

A request for support has been created and assigned ticket #45******.

As soon as we wake up and check the support system we will return with a re ply.”

Now I know that this is a free product, and they do not owe me anything, but when you work so hard on a website, only to have the entire damn thing erroring out, then get an email like that – well what can I say. Ha Ha Ha.!!!

Just want to say – Hurry Up Cryout!!! I want my socials back!!!!

Editor’s Note: This post has been edited to be nice. A whole lot more curse words were in the original!!!