30 December 2011

It’s Official: Comcast Out – RCN In

So I am getting rid of Comcast today. I have had them for almost 12 years, including my “business” email address. I have watched my bill go from about $50 all the way up to $250. As of now, I am on Comcast’s 60\12 Mbps internet service with all the movie channels except TMC, two DVR’s, and no phone. I have had to call them almost every 8 months, to keep the bill from going up since everything I was on was a “promotion”.

I noticed that all their commercials you see, they always give prices that are only effective for a certain amount of time. So after your promotion times out, your bill basically triples. Then you have to call and try to work something out. With all this “stuff” I still sit down at night, and with 80000 channels there never seams to be anything on that I am interested in. I look for programs to dvr, nothing. So why pay for it. I know Comcast doesn’t program the movie channel lineups, but still… I had HBO just for Entourage, but that went off the air. So seeya HBO.

As I sit here and wait for the “cable guy” I am changing all my sites that utilize my comcast.net email address. I have to change letterheads, faxes, logins, etc. What a pia. But luckily I use  Lastpass. I just exported my entire password list to csv, and sorted by login, and went at it – changing all the logins that use the Comcast.net address.Then I had to change my 2 Linux boxes to relay email to my webhost, as I was also using Comcast for that as well. So far, everything is working, so sweet.

One thing I will miss is the Comcast WiFi access points all over the place. Looking at the latest maps, they are pretty much everywhere. No biggie. I can tether my BlackBerry and use that if the need comes up. I will also miss the 12Mbps upload speeds, as RCN is only offering 75\6. I care more about the upload speeds as I usually SSH or VPN in from other locations (like work for “obvious reasons) and the faster the upload, the faster the download on the other side. I still have my web host (Justhost.com) SSH access which provides me 12-15 Mbps downloads, so I have a backup. RCN also does not have a 250GB cap on their so called “unlimited” access. The closest I’ve come to that from reading my DD-WRT logs is 180GB. Not sure what the hell I was downloading that month, but hey, I used it.

Now with RCN, I am getting two series three quad tuner Tivo boxes, two movie channels and 75\6 internet.The bill is $100 less.  Not too shabby. I already have the Tivo iPad2 app downloaded and ready to go. Just have to add the boxes when they arrive.

So stay tuned for an update after I get the install completed, and get to play around with all the new stuff. Looking forward to calling Comcast and saying “Cancel my account”!!! They will probably put me on hold. Just saying…