06 January 2013

Happy New Year – I’m Back

imstillhereHey, I’m still here. Happy New Year. Hope everyone’s holidays were the best yet. I know – I haven’t posted since November 30th. To tell you the truth, I haven’t really had anything to talk about. A lot has gone on since my last post. Of course the big story was the Sandy Hook tragedy, and tragedy that was. I did read that the children returned to a different “refurbished” school last week, so I wish them all well. I know those lost will be grieved for years and years to come. I also read that the name “Sandy” will not be given to newborns for years to come. First Hurricane Sandy, then the school tragedy. My girlfriend’s name is Sandy by the way.

Other stuff – Well I got a gigantic monitor to replace my old 19 inch flat screens, however I had two Samsung Syncmaster 941‘s, and only got one new Asus VS247H-P 24-Inch Full-HD LED Monitor. It seems they were very much in demand this holiday season.  So I will have to get the other one replaced real soon. The picture quality on this Asus is amazing. Comparing it side by side to the Samsung, it’s truly a much welcomed and needed addition. Can’t wait to get the second one. Oh, and I got the Dual Monitor Stand desk clamp as well. As soon as the new Asus comes in, I’ll be setting that up. Then I get the whole top side of my desk back. Can’t wait!

So I’ll start posting again this week – I already have some really awesome videos to post. One is a Killzone 3 fan video which two years to film and edit.  It’s unbelievable. Looks like a pro Hollywood film.

Other News:The Fiscal Cliff? What the hell was that all about. Make sure you check out your check stubs. I think the social security tax doubled or something like that.

Andy Reid was pretty much escorted out of Philly by the fans after that gruesome season. The man had some tough happenings in his family, but the fans want to see wins. Who’s next?

Just found out the NHL strike is over. Someone I know, who loves hockey is tweeting about it every 15 minutes, sporting Instagram pics of him in total Philadelphia Flyer garb. Too funny.

martymcflyAnd one final note for those who remember the eighty’s. Check out this picture. I cannot believe it.

Stay tuned!