27 March 2012

Got My Learn-On Today!

Well the new site is kicking in. The theme has been confirmed, and looking really good. Had a bit of a few problems with W3 Total Cache. Long story short. IT got ll screwed up. I had a backup of my settings which I used to restore all the settings to a fresh install. However, when I did that, I was unable to edit minify js and css scripts. What a pain. I even disabled minify, to no avail. But I caught that when I looked at the w3 config.php file and noticed the minify array had all those items still listed. So I had to setup Total Cache from scratch. At least I had that backup file, that had all my CDN and Cloudflare settings. :)

I once wrote about the importance of backups. In this case it drove me crazy!!!

As you can see I am now learning how to edit CSS files to change fonts. I setup the site to utilize Google Web Fonts and then just added some custom CSS script to my newly created “child theme” Pretty cool stuff. I love the the “post title” font. It really looks like I wrote it myself. I am also moving stuff around with css, centering stuff, and removing tables. I love it.

I will be getting back to my everyday rants and raves real soon, as I am just about done the site re-creation.

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    I was just thinking – this blog is really getting to techie. I’ll have some good stuff real soon!!