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Sep 15 2013


RK on Death

I’ve come to realize that “death” is immanent. There is no way out. You cannot cheat death. You cannot avoid death. Eventually one will meet death. I’ve noticed that the older I get, I start to realize how much time I might have left. Sort of like a countdown. You realize at a certain point …

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Nov 21 2012

Happy Thanksgiving – My Top 5 Thanksgiving Videos


Thanksgiving. A day of thanks. A day of giving! A day to spend with family and friends. A day to feed your face with turkey, stuffing, yams, and all the fixings. A day of football. A day of rest. A day before a terrible , and a day before getting up at 4am to go …

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Aug 24 2012

Are These Two Related?

Untitled Face

May 02 2012

I Remember When


I read an article this morning which had pictures of “back in the day”. One of the pictures was a bunch of kids “car hopping”. If you are too young to know what that is: Car hopping was done in the snow. You would wait for a car going down the street, and run and …

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Apr 19 2012

RIP – Mr. Clark


Dick Clark was one of the last social icons, that I will miss the most. Dick Clark was on my TV every year on New Year’s Eve, wherever I was. Watching the past couple years post-stroke, I couldn’t help but feel sad for him. Each year he would anguish whether or not to do the …

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