24 February 2012

Alesis iO Pro Audio Dock – Yea, I Got One!!

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The Alesis iO Dock arrived last week – the day before I moved. This product allows you to connect your iPad directly to your mixer or computer for some direct i\o rather than using the 1\8 inch jack.  I hurried up and quickly connected it to the mixer and played some tunes. I have to say this is a pretty cool product. I must have gotten the latest and greatest firmware because none of the issues reported on the boards effected me. However I was only connected with the outs playing Pandora, and iTunes – I didn’t connect any inputs for recording. I connected a iPad2 with iOS 5 and had no problems. So far.

I am getting wired this weekend so I hopefully will have the recording gear all hooked up by next weekend, so I’ll be sure to post on my progress with the iO dock. I’m sure I will have nothing but positive info. I hated the fact that I had to tear down my gear the same day I got this, but everything will be back soon. I’m on the edge of my seat with this one!!