About Noisegate95

Who Am I?

My name is Chris (aka imfineru). I changed web hosting services to a new company a few years back, and they provided me with a free domain name. So I chose this one, and created a blog. You know, like everyone else does with their free not needed domains when changing hosts.

I currently reside in the suburbs of Philadelphia, enjoy music, computers, networks, Linux and all those fun tech geeky nerdy genres of play. By trade I am a network engineer for a large Philadelphia area medical system. They keep me on my toes, but at times I find myself jotting down blurbs, bitching about my neighbors, posting cool videos, and just talking about what I feel like talking about.

I have a small home studio where you will usually find me every now and then broadcasting on justin.tv, Shoutcast, or just jamming and scrobbling to last.fm. Every now and then I actually do some recording and post up some rough cuts, but usually over at the sister site Villain Sin.

I check in every now and then to drop a line or 2, or just to post a favorite picture or video that I come across while surfing my favorite daily sites. So make sure to subscribe, follow, watch, stream and whatever else it is that you need to do to keep up to date. Enjoy… C