29 July 2015

Test Your IP Address with ipMagnet

Been using Transmission alot for downloading ISO’s of different Linux distros, boot repair disks, etc. I have a “whole network” VPN setup, so I am always curious what address my client is feeding to other torrent users. Low and behold, you can check on the ipMagnet page. This IP address also shows you which IP you are show up as to websites you visit in your web browser. Just click...
31 July 2014

eBay and PayPal – Was It Really Worth It?

I’m going to make this short and sweet. eBay is a fucking ripoff, and I will never ever sell OR BUY from there again. I have been on the site for over ten years now, and haven’t needed to sell anything since 2005. I had a 100% feedback score with my 11 sells and purchases. “Great eBayer”, “Quick Payer” “Item Shipped In No Time”. Doesn’t mean shit anymore. My son...
26 January 2014

Cover Your Gear with Digital Deck Covers

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Being the gear junkie that I am, I recently upgraded my Native Instruments Maschine MK1 to the white  as well as picked up the . I sold the old Maschine to do the upgrade and, well I just wanted the MCU, so I ordered it. I started to notice that dust was accumulating a little more than usual. This is due to the fact that I have to use my...
17 January 2014

Don’t Put Up With Slow Website Hosting – MOVE

After many years of constant downtime notifications from two separate monitoring sites, I finally had enough, and changed hosting providers. With the multi day outage back in November, constant alerts that my sites were down multiple times a day, slow email communications – I just couldn’t take it any longer. I had to do something about it. Now the sites I host are in no way high visitor sites, averaging...
09 January 2014

New and Improved

Noisegate95 has been moved to another host for faster access. We have been having major downtime and outages on our old host. This has been resolved with this move. Please stay tuned for the full story and enjoy the new and improved site.
21 September 2013

Fly Like An Eagle

Ever wish you could soar through the wind without a care in world. Here is your chance. Take flight and welcome aboard “Eagle Airways”. Fly Like an Eagle!  
15 September 2013


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I’ve come to realize that “death” is inescapable. There is no way out. You cannot cheat death. You cannot avoid death. Eventually one will meet death. I’ve noticed that the older I get, I start to realize how much time I might have left. Sort of like a countdown. You realize at a certain point that you have more yesterdays than tomorrows and for a brief minute, I get depressed...
10 September 2013

Twerking Gone Wrong – FAKE

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Turns out the chic who caught herself on fire while “twerking” was really a stunt woman hired by Jimmy Kimmel. Here is the video that starts as if Jimmy got a hold of the young lady to make sure she was ok, and to ask why she posted the video. And of course – what happened to the end of the video, you know, after the fire.
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